Kestrel Team

Welcome to the Kestrel Team Bio. 

Zachary Bloom - CT

Zach is playing 5 tournaments scheduled where I will be playing Male Pro Open this year. He also hosts two weekly singles leagues and teaches kids Intro to Disc Golf class.

Michael Lowe - OR

Michael loves sunflower seeds and launching his Star Destroyer. He tell everyone about Disc Golf and has gotten at least 4 people to religiously play. He volunteers at my church youth group.

Scott Greenawalt - PA
Scott is a father of 4 and enjoys playing rounds with his kids. He try to grow the sport as much as possible. Scott helps out at local clinics and tournaments and has helped build, design and maintain a few courses. He also run leagues every so often to help the local clubs.

He loves playing mini as well, and finished in the top 20 at mini world's in Lancaster PA last year.

Scotty Smith - NC
Scotty is an Army Veteran with PTSD and wants to share how much this sport has helped him deal with PTSD. He loves beef jerky and listen to Mitch Hedburg before a tourney. His current goal is to bring Disc Golf to more people, Veterans and Civilians who suffer from PTSD. Scotty has experienced incredible growth through DG. 

Matt Napier - NC

Kestrel Team - Matt Napier

Matt's craziest memory on the course is when his friend knocked a poor squirrel out of a tree once. Needless to say the round went sort of bad after that.

Scotty Smith - NC

Kestrel Team - Scotty Smith 

A Bobcat came out of some bushes on hole 12 at Ashe park and ran about 20 feet away from me back into a heavier wooded area.

John LeaMond - OK
Kestrel Team - John LeaMond

John once scuba dove in a his local courses pond and scored 24 discs. 

Chris Martinez - MI

Kestrel Team - Chris Martinez

Every course Chris plays he pick trash out as if it were his own. He love the outdoors. One of the best perks of disc golf is the nature. During the off season when the snow is too deep he likes to ice fish as well.

Bruce Nelson - SC 

Kestrel Team - Bruce Nelson

He once was getting out of the golf cart to cheer for his friend who aced a hole and fell into a river. (Favorite course is Riverpark in UT....stellar course)

Allan Palm - NC
On a course in Ohio that had natural tee-pads... On my drive, he slipped in the mud. His body spun all the way around, and he landed in the push-up position. Kept his clothes clean, but he bounced my forehead off the ground. Took a few holes to shake it off!

Harley O'Neil - OH
Kestrel Team - Harley O'Neil

Once she went snorkeling for discs with her fiancee! He lost one of his favorite discs in a deep pond so he went out and bought snorkel equipment!

Nick Fritz - IL
Kestrel Team - Nick Fritz

My craziest disc golf memory is when I threw my MVP Insanity into a creek and there happened to be a family paddle boating near the disc. I asked if they would try to grab my disc from the paddle boat they said “yes, gladly”. At that moment I thought I was going to get my disc back. They were headed right next to the disc and just as they were about to grab the disc, the edge of the boat hit the disc sending it to the bottom...And all I could think is, “welp, there’s goes that disc”.

Tyler Reeves - CA

Kestrel Team - Tyler Reeves
I helped organize an Ice Bowl Fundraiser Tournament in my hometown Chula Vista and hopefully with its success a permanent disc golf course will come to fruition in that park. I am also the Head Women's Volleyball Coach at Southwestern College in Chula Vista, CA.

Rex Loveless - MI

Kestrel Team - Rex Loveless

I love playing basketball as well as disc golf. Every year I go out of state for a big event like Ledgestone and usually play really well. I love taking my two son to play who are only 2 and 5 years old but I can tell are going to love the sport!


John Clark III - MI

I have spent more hours working as a volunteer then playing. My wife and I host Winter Solstice 99 at Jaycee Park DGC a 9 hole course I designed and built with help. We bought a Kestrel bag as a CTP prize. Littlejohn Lake County Park is a place I have spent nearly 1000 hours over several years on clearing pathways and picking up sticks.


Kamden Clark - MI

Kamden once got hit in the face with a disc by my father. 

Elijah Fiveash - NC

Kenny Brock - WA