How to Find a Beginner Disc Golf Set

April 25, 2019

How to Find a Beginner Disc Golf Set

Choices, Choices, Choices…

You’re all set to get your first discs, but where do you start?

Just like in other sports, disc golfing has the curse of popularity – meaning, there are thousands of options for discs, sets, styles, quality, and colors to choose from when you want to buy a disc or two. Our aim at Kestrel is to help you make the best decision you can, so here are a few steps to consider when you start looking at buying a set of discs.

Consider where you’re buying from. Are you getting a less expensive set online that isn’t as well known, or are you buying straight from a known, high-quality, company which has been endorsed by the Professional Disc Golf Association, or are you getting a set from something in the middle? For anyone short of a league player, you probably don’t need the $25-50 individual discs, a set of three or so will do you just fine. Are you willing to sacrifice the quality of discs for quantity, and have a disc or two crack in games as you’re learning how to play, or do you want the risk of losing your only disc on a drive that splashes out into the middle of a pond? Those are your decisions to make, but let Kestrel help you out with a few more tips.

Beginnger Disc Golf Set


What sort of discs are you looking at buying? You know you own style, the weights you need, and what you enjoy playing with most. There are a myriad of options available to you, so don’t feel like you have to purchase the first set with only one disc you’ll use. Keep looking around, and find a set to check off the most criteria for your games. Find a set you’ll be able to make the most use of.

If you can, tag along with other players who are willing to let you use their discs. Try as many brands, styles, and weights as you can before making a decision on a full set. Alternatively, if you know there are leagues or charities around you looking for loaner sets or donations, buy a few sets of your own and pick and choose what you want before putting the rest of the discs to a better use.

Finally, make sure to read up on the reviews of sets you are considering. Amazon reviews are a wonderful place to start, but also look at reviews from well-known disc golfers and sites that don’t accept any compensation for their reviews. Sites such as and offer reviews with as little bias as possible. If you find sets seeming too good to be true for their price, chances are they will be lower quality and more likely to warp, crack, or fly unevenly.

Let Kestrel help you improve your game with our highly rated disc golf sets, and help you enjoy your next birdie!