Where to Find the Best Disc Golf Courses Near You

April 23, 2019

Where to Find the Best Disc Golf Courses Near You

You want to play disc golf…but where?

Handy tips, apps, and searches for finding your new favorite course.

So, you’ve started playing disc golf and now you’re wanting to try a few new cours, but you don’t know where to start. Kestrel Outdoors has put together a list of helpful sites, apps, and ways you can find new courses to play.


Disc Golf United - - has a course locater on their website allowing you to look for courses In your city, your state, or by your zip code. After searching by one or more of those criteria, DGU will show you courses nearby with information and directions to make your next game a breeze.

The Professional Disc Golf Association - - hosts an official course directory for all sanctioned courses available for members and non-members alike to make use of. If the course name is known, that can be used to search, or the city/state/province/postal code can be used in the search. The PDGA site offers an interactive zoomable map to the user as well, giving a complete picture of the courses available worldwide.

Disc Golf Course Review - - offers a highly detailed directory, allowing a user to search by criteria such as the course length, if the course is mostly flat or hilly, what sort of terrain the course is, if it’s a seasonal course, and by the number of reviews the course itself has.

The Disc Golf Scene - - allows users to add courses to the website, and offers a wide variety of courses with pictures of holes and tees. They also offer information about nearby tournaments, leagues, and clubs a player can join which may or may not be affiliated with the PDGA.

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UDisc Disc Golf App (Android, Google Play store) – not only allows users to find courses, but track their scores, measure their ranged throws, and rate courses for other users. All of the features mentioned for this app are free to the user, but having unlimited scorecards, sharing scorecards, cloud backup, and participating in global ranking are available to UDisc Pro members only($4.99/month.)

Official PDGA Disc Golf App (Android and iOS, Google play store and Apple store) – the only app approved by the PDGA, this is “designed by disc golfers, for disc golfers.” Linked to the PDGA online course directory, the app includes scorecards for up to six players at a time, email scorecards, and numerous other helpful features.

Disc Gold GPS Course Directory (iOS, Apple store only) – this app touts being battery-efficient, and the reviews validate the claim. With a 4.6 star rating on the Apple Store, this app can be combined with an Apple Watch to help players keep track of their throws, the yardage of the hole, and offers disc recommendations as well.


Theses are just a handful of the sites and apps available to disc golfers. As with all sports – please use common sense when golfing in the woods, be prepared, and have fun!