The Nature of Disc Golf - Family, Friends, Uncommonly Fun

April 15, 2019

The Nature of Disc Golf - Family, Friends, Uncommonly Fun

Family, Friends, Uncommonly Fun....all outside.

Just sit back for a moment and think about how you ended up playing disc golf.

Was it playing with a group of work friends, your family, or throwing a disc in your backyard?

Just what is it that makes disc golfing so fun?

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Here are five of our favorite reasons.

1) Once you have your discs, it’s practically free. Unless you play in tournaments frequently, there are no fees for most disc golf courses. You don’t have to replace tees, balls, shoes, or targets (unless you lose discs), and no professional training is required for you to have fun.

2) Disc golfing is easy! It isn’t limited to a few days a week, or only a few months of the year. You can go out and play a few holes on your lunch break, or spend a few hours on Saturday morning with your family playing a full course and get a good workout in to boot. You don’t need any safety gear, special shoes, helmets, or balls – just your discs, an extra in case the course makes one disappear, water and maybe a bag, and you’re set for the entire game.

3) It’s a few clicks away to find a course to play at, and then it’s as easy as fitting a few hours into your schedule to go and play – no tee times, field reservations, rentals, or league schedules to deal with. There are no required practice times (unless you join a league, in which case good on you!) to fit into your week, no out of town games, and a proper course isn’t even a requirement – a few trees, posts, or buckets to aim at are perfectly acceptable.

4) You can go disc golfing with your entire family without worrying about it being too difficult. A few hours of showing children how to throw, and then off to the courses you can go. If your entire family is out on the course, it becomes a bonding environment, a chance to spend time together, and good family fun. Family rules can be decided on and played with to make things more fun, and you could even start a “family league” with other people you know.

5) Once you understand how strokes work, it’s all you really need to know to start playing. All the other rules are optional for simple, good fun. No one will be watching your every move and calling you out for taking half a step once you pick your disc up (again, unless you play in a tournament or a ranked league), so your disc golfing game will be a perfect change from behind your desk during the weekdays.

Now that you’ve read why we enjoy disc golfing, it’s time for you to go out and make your own list. Find a course and have a good day playing!