How to get your Girlfriend (or Boyfriend) Hooked on Disc Golf

February 26, 2019

How to get your Girlfriend (or Boyfriend) Hooked on Disc Golf

Do you know what’s more fun that disc golfing on your own? Better than having a friend play with you? Getting your significant other to play!

For those of you wanting a few tips, here are seven ways to get your beau to play disc golf with you.

1 – Start with a normal frisbee, and just toss it around. Maybe your significant other was teased about not being a good thrower as a child, or maybe they’ve just never had the chance to explore the fun of flinging round objects at other people – either way, don’t let the pressure of having to aim well and get a low score ruin their first game. Make it a fun, laughter-filled experience.

2 – Take them out with you, but don’t expect them to play the first time. Just like with tossing a frisbee, your significant other may have no idea what disc golfing is. Invite them to come see how you play, offer chances to make easy shots for you, and don’t pressure them into it.

3 – Spend your time and effort in your relationship first, their performance second.  Find a time when you can commit to playing without any pressure on your playing. Don’t try to squeeze a game into your lunch hour, or “fit” it in before an important event. Block out more time than you expect to need, so your significant other can take as much time as they need. Ideally, find an easy course to play, choose a time when you won’t be playing around other groups or disc golf clubs, and don’t comment about how long it’s taking!

4 – Expect for things to go wrong. Discs will disappear into trees, brush, down that hill, and splash into the creek. Regardless of what happens, don’t laugh at your significant other. There is nothing that ruins a beginner’s mood faster than making a mistake and being laughed at for it. If you find yourself doing most of the laughing, take a minute and figure out why.

5 – Don’t make it a one-time offer. There are days when your game is off, so expect the same for your significant other. Make playing a no-stress time and try as many different times and days as you can. Maybe your significant other has morning classes and prefers to play after lunch. Or perhaps they loathe mornings, and early evening is the perfect time for them to be able to relax after their obligations.

6 – Invest in getting equipment. Playing with someone else’s discs is only fun the first few times, so get your partner their own! Then, if they ever have the urge to go out without you – what an odd thought, but it will happen, we promise – they can. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but a few discs and a bag will be all they need.

7 – Don’t keep it to yourself! Be open to your partner inviting their friends along as well. The more the merrier, and this could be the beginning of a new disc golf club you and your partner helped start. Don’t keep the fun to yourself – now get out there and see what you can do.